Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Graduation PHOTOS

Look who is engineering now!

We graduated 10 Agricultural and Environmental Technologist, 56 Engineers, 3 PhD's in Bio & Ag Engineering, 2 Masters in Bio & Ag Engineering, and 4 Master of Bio & Ag Engineering.

Graduates now that you are alumni of this department do not forget to visit the Bio & Ag Alumni page and stay connected to Bio & Ag. Once our database is updated you will receive the Bio & Ag Alumni newsletter or access it from the alumni web page.

Throughout your career please keep in touch and stay connected... 

We would like to hear from you in the future... call your favorite professor and keep in touch by using FACEBOOK NCSU BAE Alum (a great place for our alum to share and post jobs) or connect through other social media. If you should ever need help finding a job don't neglect the many other NCSU resources available to alumni. Remember you are alumni forever. This means no matter how long it has been since your graduation NC State services are available to you. 

Our best wishes are for your future success. One thing we would ask of you is to help us recruit new Bio & Ag students. We depend on alumni efforts to recruit as you are our best emissaries so "Talk-Bio&Ag-Up".

Remember that education is a lifelong process... We offer Bio&Ag training and credit for continuing education or to earn PDH hours to keep your PE license current. If you are choosing more graduate level studies consider the Graduate Certificate program or earn a MS or PhD in the Graduate Program

At NC State our graduates are always welcome back home.

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